• Mastering Self-Advocacy with David Morneau: Legal Insights & Empathy in Family Law
    Published On: May, 2024Categories: Videos1.4 min read

    Join us for a heartfelt chat with David Morneau, a "recovering litigator," as we explore self-advocacy in the legal world. Learn the keys to being treated humanely by your attorney, the benefits of mediation, and the shift from victimhood to self-actualization in legal disputes. Tune in for insights, humor, and warmth!

  • The Epidemic of Gender Based Violence – WR Community Town Halls
    Published On: November, 2023Categories: Videos0.9 min read

    Join the discussion on the epidemic of gender-based violence in Waterloo Region. Learn from expert speakers as they shed light on intimate partner violence, its impact on the community, and the need for provincial intervention. Discover how local councils are recognizing and addressing this urgent issue to create a safer environment for all. Visit for more information.

  • Creating a Life of Meaning: How to Align Your Values and Purpose with David Morneau
    Published On: May, 2023Categories: Videos0.5 min read

    Join us this week on Breaking as we chat with David Morneau, CEO of Morneau Family Law, about his journey from Windsor, Ontario to legal innovation. Discover insights on law school’s zero-sum game, post-graduation burnout, and the importance of aligning with your values. Tune in for an inspiring discussion on making an impact and being true to yourself.

  • David M. Morneau Jr. – Morneau Family Law Solutions
    Published On: November, 2018Categories: Videos0.6 min read

    Discover how David M. Morneau Jr., a seasoned family law professional in Waterloo, champions the Collaborative Process over traditional court battles. Learn about his journey, dedication to mediation, and commitment to helping families make informed decisions. Plus, get a glimpse into his personal life and passions.