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Mediation is an individual process at its heart. Acting as a neutral third party, your mediator facilitates a discussion between you and your partner.

I am an Accredited Family Mediator in Ontario and can help you and your partner design a mediation process that is right for you. As your mediator, I will assist you and your partner communicate and negotiate openly and constructively. My objective is to help to reach a mutually acceptable resolution that respects your goals and wishes, while helping you recognize each other’s concerns.

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How our mediation service works

Before any mediation session, I start by having a private, confidential intake session with each of you, where I explore your goals, concerns, objectives and values. Nothing said in this session is shared with your partner, but the insight gained in these meetings is often helpful. 

I also screen your circumstances to help determine whether mediation is appropriate and/or whether any enhancement, modification or other professional assistance is necessary. 

The mediation process is confidential, unlike court where the court file is public. Mediation is also a voluntary process.

The key to mediation success is that as an impartial (or, even better, omnipartial) mediator, I will gain valuable insight from many perspectives. This holistic overview helps me facilitate meaningful conversations which, in turn, often lead to resolutions.

Rest assured, we will discuss all your concerns, and find practical solutions. Typically, partners are able to come to a final resolution after only a few sessions, or one longer session. The most important thing to remember you and your partner remain in control, with expert guidance and wisdom.

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In my role as your mediator, I provide general legal information. I cannot give either of you specific legal advice – that’s your legal professional’s job. Your lawyers can be part of the mediation process, and as your mediator, I will communicate with everyone involved – you, your partner and your lawyer.

A mediator should be skilled in helping people gain insight, perspective and understanding, which helps families generate options that help them move forward. That said, a mediator is not a judge and does not make any decisions. Whether the process succeeds is up to both of you, which is why a mediator’s skill is so important.

Carefully choosing a lawyer who understands the purpose of the mediation process is important. Often, a lawyer who has had formal training in consensual dispute resolution and conflict management is preferable to ensure that agreements that you reach are not undermined, while still providing you with sound advice.

Not every mediation looks the same. Some involve lawyers, while others do not. Some are face-to-face, whether in person or online, and some have people in separate locations, also known as shuttle mediation. The approach can modify and evolve as needs arise.

Some may include the voice of your child or children or involve other skilled professionals, such as family professionals, parenting coordinators, divorce coaches or financial professionals.

As your mediator, I will listen to you and tailor the process to best meet the needs of your family and maximize the chances that you and your partner can reach a positive and durable resolution. I will also explore what lies beneath the surface in order to help you come to a conclusion that you are satisfied with.

Mediation may not resolve all the issues, but even partial agreements can help to limit the time, expense and uncertainty of going to court.

As an Accredited Family Mediator, I am required to have ongoing yearly training on the impact of intimate partner/interpersonal violence (sometimes referred to as domestic violence), and coercive control. As your mediator, I can modify and adapt the process to meet everyone’s needs and safety concerns, while creating a safe space to communicate and move forward.

Professional, effective mediation

As an experienced Accredited Family Mediator, I honour and follow these words. I take time to listen and learn about what has led you both to this point.

When I explore what lies beneath the surface, I can better help you and your partner come to a conclusion that best suits everyone involved, including your children.

“Be led not by what you think you know, but by your curiosity to learn“.