Conflict Training for Organizations

Conflict Training for Organizations
from Morneau Family Law & Legal Innovation Vision

I have spent a career “in” and surrounded by conflict, and seen various theories and interventions aiming to change the conflict narrative.

Few, if any, have worked in practice.

The purpose of my training is to help any organization to recognize, define, and understand the antecedents and behaviours of conflict, and help resolve it through effective communication and avoidance of confrontation.

Morneau Family Law & Legal Innovation

Conflict training tailored to your requirements

I tailor my conflict training according to the needs of your organization or business, your people, your work, your mission and your time availability. I draw on my own interest across the whole scope of conflict including:

  • the antecedents of conflict
  • understanding and defining conflict
  • behaviour in conflict
  • the physiology of conflict
  • the neurology of conflict
  • empowerment in conflict
  • understanding yourself in conflict
  • understand others in conflict
  • disruption of conflict
  • charting and mapping conflict differently

I believe my style of conflict training is the most humanized approach to conflict, helping people understand the causes and the symptoms.

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