Collaborative Law

Collaborative Family Law services with Morneau Family Law & Legal Innovation

Collaborative Law is an approach that work towards a settlement outside of court. It brings a specialized and holistic multidisciplinary team together to wraparound you and your family.

As a Collaborative Legal Professional, I can help you resolve your differences assisted by legal, family and financial professionals. Together, we can move towards achieving the best possible resolution for you and your children.

Morneau Family Law & Legal Innovation

How collaborative law works

First, we have a personalized consultation to discover your family’s needs. We will also discuss your readiness to engage in the process, and the values, objectives, hopes and concerns you may have.

The collaborative process is confidential, unlike court where the court file is public. The collaborative process is voluntary.

In a collaborative approach, both parties need to sign a contract committing to the process in advance. Known as the Participation Agreement (contract), it includes specific guidelines on:

  • Making full financial disclosure
  • Cooperating with each other
  • Navigating the process, including gathering information, generating options and making decisions
  • Working to settle the case in the best interests of everyone involved
  • A commitment not to go to court nor threaten court as a means to try to resolve differences

The benefits of collaborative law

A collaborative approach aims to help you navigate conflict, resolve issues, and facilitate agreements with expert professional advice as required. It has distinct benefits for all concerned in family law issues. These include:

  • Respectful communication so you can discuss your priorities and create a plan to achieve those goals.
  • An open and transparent approach including full disclosure of financial information.
  • The goal of a holistic and binding settlement that ideally meets both of your needs / interests, while recognizing and addressing your respective concerns.
  • You maintain control over the process and can customize decisions according to advice received. Whether the process succeeds is up to both of you, which is why skilled professionals are so important.

The entire collaborative process is voluntary, so if you decide the process is not working, you may end it at any time.

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