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At Morneau Family Law & Legal Innovation, it is about you and your family. It is about kindness, compassion, dignity, humility and humanity in difficult circumstances. It is about creating a tailored approach based on your family’s needs, what is important to you and what you are worried about. It is about your values.

Most importantly, it is about empowering YOU.

I am very proud that I am a different kind of lawyer, working to transform our traditional approach to conflict in a very human way. I am even more proud of the people I am honoured to help, watching them evolve and grow from within. That is what helps create a better future.

If you think I can help you, contact me. Or read on through this website to discover more about my approach and services.

David M. Morneau Jr. B.A. (Hons.); LL.B.
Creative Evolution Officer (CEO), Morneau Family Law & Legal Innovation


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My Services

While reaching a final resolution is important, the path you take to get there is what leads to your success.

I use an innovative approach to helping families navigate to their own destination. It starts with assessing one’s readiness to engage in these difficult conversations and designing a process that meets your family’s needs.

Separation Agreements

Cohabitation & Marriage Contracts


Collaborative Law

Education and Training


Speaking and Keynotes

Our Process

I employ an approach different from other professionals. I put you and your family at the heart of a process designed to resolve disputes and create durable agreements without the need for court. With my help, you will be empowered to reach your own resolution.


A personalized consultation to design a holistic process specific to your family’s needs and your readiness, values, objectives, hopes and worries


Gathering information that will assist your family;


Generating options for consideration specific to your family;


Making decisions best suited for your family after consideration of options;


Creating an agreement unique to your family.