Mission and Approach

My mission and approach to conflict

After years of frustration in a family justice system that really was not about families, I left the practice of law for two years. When I returned, I realized that I had to find a way to share with others what was important to me personally and professionally.

As a society, our approach to conflict seems to have become more polarized than ever before. Yet, there is potential for conflict in every interaction we have. We seem to have lost the ability to disagree with one another without disliking or villainizing.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the complexity of emotions that often accompany conflict, particularly in family law. When families are going through the transition of separation, often 95% of what they are experiencing is emotion and 5% is legal.

So, with the help of some wonderful colleagues, I created my Vision, Mission and Values which serves as the touchstone. This is the core of how I approach conflict and I share it with you.

If my approach resonates with you, contact me about your family law issue.

Morneau Family Law & Legal Innovation


My vision is a world where the key to our future, in any situation, is communicating effectively. A world where we can listen without judgment, be curious as to other’s perspectives, and work together even when we do not agree.

Together, we focus not on being right, but on getting it right…for your family. In doing so, we know that there is no one singular answer or truth and we are prepared to try, make mistakes – and learn from our mistakes.

We try to approach everything that we do with intentionality, authenticity and equanimity.

Morneau Family Law & Legal Innovation


My mission is to creatively explore the differences in communication with humility and negative capability, purposefully and without judgment. I realize that every person possesses the ability to interact with integrity.

I will help people explore their own perspectives through a lens that thinks critically and looks within.

My mission is to help people look behind the differences they have and challenge themselves to have difficult conversations and holding a space for them to be vulnerable in doing so.

Morneau Family Law & Legal Innovation


In order to honour my Vision and Mission, I embrace the following principles:

  • To listen without judgment
  • To be intentional with our words
  • We are all accountable for what we say and do
  • To embrace humility
  • To be led not by what I think I know, but by my curiosity to learn
  • To approach every situation, no matter how challenging, with equanimity
  • To act with compassion and honesty
  • To be authentic in my interactions with those that I meet
  • Acknowledge that to get it right is more important than to be right
  • To help strong emotions find their meaning, while listening to others
  • To lead by setting an example, not because I care what others think
  • To recognize the value that others bring to the table
  • To embrace their capabilities and utilize them if needed

My expectations of those I work with

I value honesty and preparation for interactions. No one person should carry a heavier load than anyone else. I value an open mind, compassion, courtesy, diversity of thought, curiosity, respect (including respect of oneself), accountability and vulnerability. I hold myself to these same values.

David M. Morneau Jr. Professional Corporation, carrying on business as Morneau Family Law & Legal Innovation

  • Member of the Law Society of Ontario (LSO)
  • Member of the Waterloo Region Law Association (WRLA)
  • Member of Ontario Association for Family Mediation (OAFM) and Accredited Family Mediator (Acc.F.M.)
  • Member of Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region (CDWR)
  • Member of Ontario Association of Collaborative Professionals (OACP)