Family Law Services

Family Law Services with Morneau Family Law & Legal Innovation

I get it. The last thing people want is to have to meet with a family lawyer.

  • You are going through an emotional time and may feel you are losing control.
  • You are probably worried, about what the future holds for you and your family, and what things will look like financially

From the start of this new chapter in your life, you’ll need support from professionals who can help you navigate, while empowering you to maintain control of your own future.

My approach is not to be right, but to help your family get it right and move forward. I am by your side to guide, even when things seem at their darkest, with an approach based on kindness, compassion, empathy and integrity.

Let my experience help guide you. Just click for more details below:

Morneau Family Law & Legal Innovation


Come and talk to me about your circumstances, whether alone in an individual consultation or together in an early neutral consultation. We will talk about your goals, hopes, concerns, objectives and values and design a process to move you and your family forward.

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Morneau Family Law & Legal Innovation


Mediation creates a space for you and your partner to have difficult, yet essential conversations with the assistance of an impartial professional. Mediation can help you communicate as you transition into separation, cohabitation or marriage, and maintain control of your family’s future.

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Morneau Family Law & Legal Innovation

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law brings a specialized and holistic multidisciplinary team of legal, family and financial professionals together to wraparound you and your family. All members of the team, including you, sign an agreement to commit to not go to court.

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Morneau Family Law & Legal Innovation

Principled Cooperative Negotiation

With Principled Cooperative Negotiation, both you and your partner have an individual lawyer to help you with your transition. It is for partners who understand their family’s needs, and require legal professionals to help provide legal information and advice and formalize an agreement.

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Not sure which approach is right for you?

That’s ok! You’re not alone. Contact me to arrange a flat fee consultation to:

  • Talk about your circumstances, goals, concerns, objectives and values
  • Help you find a process that can work best for you and your family

There is no obligation beyond that. The knowledge you will gain will help you and your family move forward toward a brighter future. The choice is always yours.

Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Contact me to help design a process that fits your family’s needs where the key to your family’s future lies with you and your partner, outside of court.