Principled Cooperative Negotiation

Principled Cooperative Negotiation with Morneau Family Law & Legal Innovation

Principled Cooperative Negotiation (PCN) is a new, innovative approach developed by Morneau Family Law & Legal Innovation. I bring the breadth of my skills, experience and wisdom as a consensual dispute resolution professional to this process.

It is for families who already have a good sense of where they want to go, and where communication is healthy. Some families may have already even started to discuss different options between themselves. They want a family lawyer who is not going to make things more difficult or stretch things out, but still want to explore all the choices available to them.

Our PCN process offers you both a comprehensive and holistic approach that covers all the bases. You can share your goals, explore the deeper concerns, and achieve better and often more cost and time-effective outcomes together.


Curious About Principled Cooperative Negotiation?

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