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  • Canada’s Divorce Act revamped to address family violence and custody battles – CTV News
    Published On: March, 2021Categories: News Articles0.3 min read

    Canada's Divorce Act has undergone significant changes, now addressing family violence and emphasizing the best interests of children. The updated Act includes various forms of abuse and introduces the term "parenting order" to foster more cooperative custody arrangements. Experts discuss the impact of these reforms on family law.

  • Divorce Act changes target effects of family violence on children – National Post
    Published On: March, 2021Categories: News Articles0.3 min read

    The first significant changes in decades to Canada's Divorce Act took effect on March 1. Delayed by the pandemic, these reforms now require courts to consider the best interests of the child, particularly in cases of family violence. The updated Act includes factors like emotional well-being and various forms of abuse, aiming to create more balanced and protective parenting arrangements.

  • CBC News | For years, Canada’s Divorce Act didn’t mention family violence. That changes today.
    Published On: March, 2021Categories: News Articles0.4 min read

    Family lawyers and advocates are closely monitoring the first major changes to Canada's Divorce Act in over 20 years. The updated Act now requires courts to consider the best interests of children, including the impact of family violence. David Morneau, executive director of the Child Witness Centre, notes that recognizing the nuances of domestic violence is a significant step forward. The Act's expanded definition of family violence includes physical, sexual, psychological, and financial abuse, aiming to provide better protection during family separations.